Commissioning, Planning, Purchasing

TU, Germany

The term commissioning can be applied to both: commissioning an HTA report or commissioning services.

Institute of Molecular Medicine, Portugal

We usually use it as someone (or Institution) whohais been put in charge of a specific project, or designated to lead the project e.g. “Infarmed has been commissioned to perform a thorough inspection on Pharmacies”. “The Ministry of Health is commissioning The Health Observatory for finding why there is a huge waste on drugs”.


IHPRS, Slovenia

Purchasing of health services is the process by which the most needed and effective health interventions are chosen and provided in an efficient and equitable manner, and the providers are paid appropriately from the pooled financial resources for delivering defined sets of services and interventions. Purchasing has three interwoven elements; allocating financial resources”, establishing “provider payment options” and “contracting” with providers.

Editor of Clinical Guidelines, Directorate of Health, Iceland


This has many meanings depending on the situation / reference. Relating to HTA it adaptation is the deligation of some task/assignment to an individual or group. This usually involves transferring some authority and responsibility to those being asked/ordered (commissioned) to performe some task.


Describes the a priori formulation of a scheme or strategy to attain some specific accomplishment.


HTA agency, Poland


Commissioning is sending or officially charging an individual or group to undertake certain functions or to complete certain tasks. Usually one commissions tasks that can’t be completed within one’s own sources to people more competent for the task.

Commissioning may refer to:

- report (Agency for HTA commissions academic entity to produce HTA, Minister of Health commissions producing HTA on given subject to AHTAPol);
- new research (to fill gaps in knowledge).


DSI, Denmark

Commissioning, planning and purchasing are different stages in the process of getting from a strategy or an idea to providing a service.