Core model for HTA, HTA core model, Common core HTA

TU, Germany

Core model can be understood as the minimum components of an HTA report, and thus may vary from country to country. Core model can be also understood as the agreement on the minimum components of an HTA-report from an international perspective, thus representing a kind of European Standard. For Core-model definitions please refer to the EUnetHTA definition.

Servicio de Evaluacion y Planificacion, Canary Islands

Essential common parts in the reports of HTA, independently of the topic about which it is treated.

NOKC, Norway

The HTA core model describes how HTAs are produced. Therefore, it can be described as either the method for producing an HTA or the content of an HTA. The core model can also be viewed as the product resulting from an HTA.

Institute of Molecular Medicine, Portugal

Common core HTA is best translated to “Apreciação de Tecnologia Nuclear da Saúde” or “Apreciação de Tecnologia Central da Saúde”. The first suggests more the main core of the system, whilst the second can be a little broader.

FinOHTA, STAKES, Finland

The Core Model for health technology assessment defines and standardizes elements of assessment. It supports the production of HTAs that are independent of specific context and identifies issues relevant for adaptation in national settings.